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Maine Summer Camps

Every child should be so lucky to experience the beauty and wonder of what Maine has to offer from our beautiful mountains to a campfire by one of our beautiful lakes!

Today, some of the world’s greatest (and oldest) camps exist in Maine.  Camp is a place where children learn, grow, create deep and lasting friendships and memories, and gain skills and experience that help them prepare for successful and happy lives as adults.

Some of the best and respected camps are located in our Western Maine region and are listed below with links to their websites for more information.  Please take the time to carefully consider them and see which ones would best fit your child’s personality and the goals you have for them.  Whichever program you choose, the experience they will have will probably be life changing, open up opportunities and enable friendships that they will carry throughout their life.

  • Camp Agawan  54 Agawam Road  Raymond, ME     207-627-47802     chief@campagawam.org     www.campagawam.org
  • Camp Arcadia  P.O. Box 158  Casco, ME     207-627-4605     Louise.Johnson@camparcadia.com     www.camparcadia.com
  • Boy Scouts of America  146 Plains Rd.  Raymond, ME     207-797-5252     anne.randall@gmail.com     www.pinetreebsa.org
  • Bridgton Sports Camp  P.O. Box 17  North Bridgton, ME     866-283-5943     info@bridgtonsportscamp.com     www.bridgtonsportscamp.com
  • Camp Cedar  112 Camp Cedar Rd.  Winslow, ME     207-627-4266     info@campcedar.com     www.campcedar.com
  • Camp Encore/Coda  50 Encore/Coda Lane  Sweden, ME     207-647-3947     jamie@encore-coda.com     www.encore-coda.com
  • Fernwood Cove  350 Island Pond Rd.  Harrison, ME     207-583-2381     Cove@fernwoodcove.com     www.fernwoodcove.com
  • Gander Brook Christian Camp  27 Ganderbrook Lane  Raymond, ME     207-998-4369     info@ganderbrook.org     www.ganderbrook.ort
  • Hoops Basketball Camp  1 Hoop Camp Drive  Casco, ME     207-627-4932     www.hoopcamp.org
  • Indian Acres Camp for Boys – Forest Acres Camp for Girls  1712 Main St. Fryeburg, ME     207-935-2300     geoff@indianacres.com     www.indianacres.com
  • JCC Camp Kingswood  104 Wildwood Rd.  Bridgton, ME     207-647-3969     info@kingswood.org     www.kingswood.org
  • Kingsley Pines Camp  51 Coughlan Cove Rd.  Raymond, ME     855-799-7788     info@kingsleypines.com     www.kinglseypines.com
  • Camp Laurel South  48 Laurel Rd.  Casco, ME     207-627-4334     fun@camplaurelsouth.com     www.camplaurelsouth.com
  • Camp Mataponi  838 Sebago Rd.  Naples, ME     207-787-3221     info@campmataponi.com     www.campmataponi.com
  • Camp Micah  156 Moose Cove Lodge Rd.  Bridgton, MA     207-647-8999     info@campmicah.com     www.campmicah.com
  • Camp Nashoba North  198 Raymond Hill Rd.   Raymond, ME     207-655-7170     info@campnashoba.com     www.campnashoba.com
  • Netop Summer Camp  12 Netop Rd.  Casco, ME     207-627-4510     info@netopsummercamp.com     www.netopsummercamp.com
  • Camps Newfound & Owatonna  4 Camp Newfound Rd.  Harrison, ME  207-583-6711     seth@newfound-owatonna.com     www.newfound-owatonna.com
  • Camp-O-At-Ka  593 Sebago Rd.  Sebago, ME     207-787-3401     info@campoatka.com     www.campoatka.com
  • Camp Pinecliffe  64 Camp Pinecliffe Rd.  Harrison, ME     207-583-2201     www.pinecliffe.com
  • Camp Pinehurst  23 Curtis Rd.  Raymond, ME     207-627-4670     director@camppinehurst.com     www.camppinehurst.com
  • Camp Pondicherry  Girl Scouts of Maine  85 Camp Pondicherry Rd.  Bridgton, ME     207-647-5575     agross@gsmaine.com     www.girlscoutsofmaine.org
  • Camp Skylemar  457 Sebago Rd.  Naples, ME     207-693-6414     info@campskylemar.com     www.campskylemar.com
  • Slovenski Camps  25 David Plummer Rd.  Raymond, ME     207-751-1828     slovenskicamps@gmail.com     www.slovenskicamps.com
  • Camp Sunshine  35 Acadia Rd.  Casco, ME     207-655-3800     mkatz@campsunshine.org     www.campsunshine.org
  • Camp Takajo  60 Takajo Rd.  Naples, ME     207-693-6675     info@camptakajo.com     www.camptakajo.com
  • Camp Timanous  85 Plains Rd.  Raymond, ME     207-655-4569     info@campt.com     www.campt.com
  • Camp Walden  P.O. Box 230  Denmark, ME     207-452-2901     walden@campwalden.com     www.campwalden.com
  • Camp Wawenock  33 Wawenock Rd.  Raymond, ME     207-655-4657     wawenock@campwawenock.com     www.campwawenock.com
  • Camp Wildwood  318 Wildwood Rd.  Bridgton, ME     207-647-8864     campwildwood@campwildwood.com     www.campwildwood.com
  • Winona Camp for Boys  35 Winona Rd.  Bridgton, ME     207-647-3721     information@winonacamps.com     www.winonacamps.com
  • Wohelo-Luther Gulick Camps  25 Gulick Rd.  Raymond, ME     207-655-4739     wohelo@wohelo.com     www.wohelo.com
  • Wyonegonic Camps  215 Wyonegonic Rd.  Denmark, ME     207-452-2051     info@wyonegonic.com     www.wyonegonic.com